Focus On Quality Services

Decades ago, most local optometrists knew each patient by name and by their vision needs.

Today’s world might be moving at the speed of light, but at Umpqua Optical Lab, we’re your local optometrist – providing quality, dedicated, expert eye care.  


You Deserve to Know Everything

Similar to your primary care physician, our team helps educate you about your eye health – empowering you to take responsibility and improve how you see the world.


Our Promise to You…

We Listen: your visit to Umpqua Optical Lab will begin with a check of your vision needs. By asking questions, taking notes and listening carefully, we can determine how to best improve your quality of sight.

We Evaluate: your eyes are a door to your overall health. That’s why we check for eye diseases such as diabetes, cataracts, macular degeneration and others, in addition to signs of hypertension, stroke, cardiovascular disease and more.  

We Pinpoint: Dr. Gauer and her team will narrow your needs, whether you require glasses, contacts, or choose to get both. Several recommendations will be made that fit into your pre-determined wants, budget and insurance coverage.

We Enhance: your relationship with Umpqua Optical Lab does not end when you leave our Roseburg, Oregon office. That’s just the beginning. From that point on, we’ll be calling to check on your eye health – to enhance and preserve your gift of sight. 


What to Expect

Umpqua Optical Lab patients know us for our thorough, comprehensive eye and vision examinations conduced by a professional and nurturing staff. While that might be enough in the big city, we also offer expert contact lens fittings, evidence-based research and guidelines, the most up-to-date ophthalmic technology, public eye health education seminars, and a network of specialists and referrals.


Your Glasses and Frame Specialists

Eye care is so much more than updating your prescription. It’s updating your long-term sight as well. At Umpqua Optical Lab, Dr. Gauer and the entire team of vision experts ensure your satisfaction with same day glasses that fit perfectly. And if your frames or lenses ever break, bring them in. If we cannot repair them, we’ll work with you to replace them – whether through your warranty, or by finding like frames at a price you can afford. There are also no-cost options for those who qualify.


24-Hour Lenses

Using one of the few Fastgrind® machines in the state, Umpqua Optical Lab can create your eco-friendly lenses in mere minutes, without harmful chemicals, molds or slurries. By eliminating shipping costs, and the cost of hiring another lab up in Portland or Hong Kong, your lenses are custom fabricated and tailor edged to fit the frames you choose – we can even fit your lenses to your old frames.