Top Quality Eye Care Products

Glasses, contacts, and digitally enhanced lenses are purpose-crafted and, when necessary, ordered at Umpqua Optical Lab. Instead of selling you the most expensive frames and lenses available, we diagnose your needs. Then, we marry those needs with the right optical products – all to help you see the world a little more clearly, whether you’re looking for lenses that enhance your sight at work, help you with your golf game, drive home a little safer at night, or simply read a another chapter without squinting.  


Your Glasses and Frame Specialists

Choosing between hundreds of frames can seem overwhelming, even for eyewear veterans. At Umpqua Optical Lab, we take the guesswork out of your glasses by recommending exactly what you need, both in terms of lenses and frames. Our team will show you the options that fit your eye care and budget needs.

From tinting and bi- or even tri-focal lenses, sport as well as occupational progressives, lenses for students and academics of all ages and more, the right pair of glasses can open your eyes to a whole new world – including quality sunglasses.

Your Lenses are Created Here
Using the only Fastgrind® machine in the state, Umpqua Optical Lab can create your eco-clean lenses in mere minutes, without harmful chemicals, molds or slurries. By eliminating shipping costs, and the cost of hiring another lab up in Portland or Hong Kong, your lenses are custom fabricated and tailor edged to fit the frames you choose – we can even fit your lenses to your old frames.

Use Your Own Frames
Have a pair of glasses you love, but the lenses leave you in a blur? Bring them in and we’ll fit those frames with your new prescription.

Contact Lens Expertise

The right pair of contacts can change the way you see and interact with the world. Before we even discuss contacts versus glasses, Dr. Gauer and her team at Umpqua Optical Lab first focus on your eye care needs. If you can enhance your vision with contacts, we’ll make all the right recommendations, ensure a proper fit and more, including:

·  Disposable daily wear or 1-day lenses

·  Extended wear lenses, such as Silicone Hydrogel

·  Bifocal, multi-focal or monovision contact lenses

·  Toric contact lenses for astigmatism correction

·  Rigid Gas Permeable lenses for crisp vision

·  Special-Effect contact lenses, especially popular at Halloween

·  Specialty sports and company logo lenses (Nike Maxsight for golf and tennis)

·  Colored lenses to change your eye color

·  Prosthetic contact lenses to mask eye disfigurements


Age Does Not Equal Glasses

Some patients can improve their overall eye health with the combination of contacts and glasses. This does not mean you’re old, but simply that your eyes are working overtime. Well-rested eyes can lead to fewer headaches, less fatigue, and a better day on the golf course or at work.  


Dr. Gauer’s Care+Wear Program

There are special techniques necessary to maintain proper eye health when wearing and cleaning contact lenses. Before you leave Umpqua Optical Lab, you will be taught Dr. Gauer’s Care+Wear 3-step process to ensure your long-term eye health.

Looking for a refresher course? We’ve posted the 3-Step Care+Wear guide here

·      CIBA Vision

·      Nike Maxsight

·      Acuvue

·      CooperVision

·      Bausch & Lomb